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Thistledown Advisory Group, LLC


We provide direct investment analysis and policy advocacy for large scale, multi-faceted economic development opportunities.  

It's not just about the ability to do research or to communicate well - it's about making the right decisions at the right time. 

Because every investment is unique, each partner can expect a focused and determined commitment to a shared objective. 

Given the bespoke nature of our work, capacity is strictly limited.

Think Big

Great design almost always emerges from resource constrained conditions. Resources such as time, people and money are the seeds of opportunity when approached from a broader perspective.

Strategic thinking and design can and should link near term action with longer term purpose -- enhancing financial results and community morale along the way. 


Carolyn Trabuco has over 25 years of success recognizing and creating opportunities as a direct investor, an advisor, a board member and as an advocate. 

Her investment style is high conviction and she favors growth over value. 

Carolyn is a founder, an independent board member and the compensation committee chairperson of NYSE/Bovespa dual listed Azul Brazilian Airlines (AZUL), a commercial airline started by David Neeleman (who also founded Jet Blue) in Brazil in 2007 and taken public in April 2017. 

Carolyn started her career at the bottom as a customer service phone representative at Fidelity Investments. Recognized early in her career for her natural analytical abilities and innate curiosity, she was invited into the Fidelity Management and Research (FMR) associate training program in equity research. 

Her investment management experience includes analyzing over 1,000 IPOs for investment consideration, commodity analysis in oil, gas, metals, steel and supply chain, emerging markets analysis in Brazil and Mexico, ESG and sustainability analysis, and equity long-short fund management. Areas of competency include infrastructure, resources, industrials, consumer, gaming, education and aviation. 

Carolyn serves on the Pension Board for the Town of Fairfield, CT. 

An advocate for public school education, Carolyn is President of the PTA Council (PTAC) in Fairfield, CT supporting 17 local PTAs as well as serving as a member on the State of CT PTA Board of Directors. 

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